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Children's Product WALTEK Solution

Safety is most important for toys, in order to protect consumer especially children's health and safe.

Smart Home Industry WALTEK Solution

With the continuous improvement of the social and economic level, people have put forward higher requirements for the living environment. Driven by high-tech such as computer technology, automation technology, communication technology and integration technology, the smart home industry is gradually achieving the comfort, safety and convenience of every member of the family life.

Wireless technology certification WALTEK Solution

1.Wireless technology certification: BQB(Bluetooth Qualification Body)is a Bluetooth certification body authorized by the Bluetooth Certification and Evaluation Committee (BQRB).If your product is equipped with Bluetooth and you want to indicate the Bluetooth logo on the product's appearance so that it can be circulated on the international market, then it must be strictly reviewed by the SIG. In other words, it is necessary to pass BQB certification.

lighting testing Industry WALTEK Solution

1.Lighting Safety Test: In the safety standards of luminaire products, it is divided into two major standards: IEC and ANSI/UL&CSA.

Home Appliance Industry WALTEK Solution

Countries all over the world have their own safety requirements. Many countries have also carried out compulsory certifications, such as China's CCC and EU's CE; Many importers require their suppliers to conduct relevant compliances to guarantee product quality.