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Countries all over the world have their own safety requirements. Many countries have also carried out compulsory certifications, such as China's CCC and EU's CE; Many importers require their suppliers to conduct relevant compliances to guarantee product quality.

At the same time, as people's consumption concept is more rational, they are no longer blindly pursuing the price benefits and powerful functions, but pay more attention to product safety issues. That how to obtain a product with high quality and no harm to users has become an increasingly important factor for the consumer. Therefore, the safety certification of products is bound to become more and more extensive and popular.

Home Appliance Industry WALTEK Solution

1. Household Appliance Safety Test

The safety for household appliances is more significant than other products since the power supply of household appliances is directly connected to the mains electricity and the power consumption is large, and there are high-temperature heating functions and motor rotation,

1.1.Security Factors

(1)Electric Shock;

(2)Energy Related Hazards;

(3)Mechanical Hazards;

(4)Chemical Hazards;



(7)Heat Related Hazards

1.2.Product Range

Product category Product Example
Heating products Frying pan, toaster, oven, toaster, electric frying pan, popcorn machine, barbecue, coffee machine, electric iron, rice cooker, electric kettle, insulation board, fryer, electric heater, electric blanket etc
Motor products Mixer, juicer, mincer, slicer, fruit and vegetable machine, food processor, ice machine, coffee grinder, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, massager, sewing machine, range hood, electric fan, etc.
Motor and heating mixed products Steam washing machine, hair dryer, hand dryer, air conditioner, dryer, bread maker, mosquito lamp that uses heat and suction, etc.

1.3.Test requirements

In addition to product safety, Home appliances also must comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and EMF.

1.3.1.Safety Testing of Household Appliances

Electrothermal products are very important for temperature and fire protection, and motor products require special considerations for insulation and mechanical damage.

Test example:

Product Testing items Detailed testing operations
Toaster Temperature test The appliance shall be operated for 15 minutes under the standard working conditions. The temperature of the measuring knob, the outer casing, the power cord and the internal shall not exceed the limits specified by the village.
Fire test Put the slice of bread into the toaster so that the mechanical bouncer does not move, and the slice of bread burns until the flame is extinguished. After the test, the toaster protection and pressure test of the toaster should meet the standard requirements.
Coffee pot Overflow test According to EN60335-1, it needs to press between the live parts and the accessible metal surface (simulating the overflow of the container after the water is full), and add pressure 3000V for 1 minute.
Abnormal test Short-circuit temperature controller, on the basis of rated power, increase the input power according to the ratio specified by the standard to allow the heating tube to continue to heat up, and check whether the temperature safety device works. In the case that the protection device does not operate, the temperature rise condition is deemed to be qualified if it meets the standard requirements.
Table Fan, Floor fan Motor stall test Block the motor, let the motor continue to heat at the rated voltage, and check whether the temperature safety device works. In the case that the protection device does not operate, the temperature rise of the windings is considered as qualified if it meets the requirements of the standard.
Twisting test the durability twisting test of the fan should be performed 100,000 times.

1.3.2.EMF-Electromagnetic Field Radiation to the Human Body

This requirement is used to estimate the intensity of the magnetic field radiation generated by the user during normal use of the household appliance, to protect the human body.


For electronically controlled products, if there is a standby function, it is necessary to discharge the control over the standby state of the product to see if there is any unfavorable situation.

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