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With the continuous improvement of the social and economic level, people have put forward higher requirements for the living environment. Driven by high-tech such as computer technology, automation technology, communication technology and integration technology, the smart home industry is gradually achieving the comfort, safety and convenience of every member of the family life.

With the interconnection of the entire industry, intelligent products have gone through the initial introduction stage and began to enter the rapid development channel, and at the same time, some security risks have gradually emerged. Industry standards are not uniform, products are not compatible, and there are many problems such as electrical safety, reliability, information leakage, etc., which seriously restricts the further development of the smart home industry.

In response to these challenges, Waltek, accredited laboratory (IEC 17025), provides a comprehensive, one-stop security assessment program that includes electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, functional safety and information security to ensure product quality. And shorten the time to market, help companies successfully enter and quickly occupy the smart home market at home and abroad.

Smart Home Industry WALTEK Solution

◆  Waltek's advantages:

○  Qualification:Waltek Labs has been accredited by CNAS, ILAC, EMSD, UL, Intertek (ETL-SEMKO), CSA, MET, TüV Rheinland, TüV SüD, SGS, NEMKO, FCC, IC, CPSC, TMICO, CEC, etc. International authority recognized.

○  Technical expertise:Waltek has a wealth of industry experience and advanced detection capabilities, providing professional and efficient technical support for lighting, power, home appliances, audio and video, radio, Internet of Things and other fields.

○  All-round, one-stop service: Waltek's experienced technical experts and service teams are dedicated to helping companies identify and improve problems early in product development through comprehensive and comprehensive one-stop services, effectively controlling the cost of production and Risks; and help companies fully understand the latest laws and regulations and certifications in various countries and regions to ensure that products meet the relevant standards and accelerate the entry into the smart home market at home and abroad.

Smart Home Industry WALTEK Solution

◆ Smart Home Solutions:

○  Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety:Test product safety, electromagnetic immunity and radiation according to relevant standards to ensure that smart home products do not affect other equipment or other equipment during operation, and are safe and harmless to humans during use. .

○  Reliability test:Through the component or machine environmental test, life test and reliability analysis and diagnosis, the product and its process defects are found, and suggestions for improvement and suggestions are put forward to improve the product quality and market competitiveness.

○  Interoperability test:For communication protocols such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc., use a series of matching equipment that the product may encounter during actual use to check the interoperability of the product to ensure that the wireless product and its accessories are Collaborate and cooperate in each application scenario to achieve interoperability.

○  Information Security Assessment:Evaluate the information security of smart home systems and various electronic devices, so that the assessment object can resist attacks from cybercriminals and ensure data integrity, confidentiality and availability.

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