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──May 13,2020WALTEK Testing to carry out Australia WATERMARK and building materials testing and certification services! cancels

WALTEK Providing one-stop service for convenient and affordable technical consultation, product testing and compulsory certification for Australian building materials and sanitary ware buyers, providing export trade opportunities for manufacturers around Guangdong Province, and assisting manufacturers in manufacturing building materials and sanitary ware that meet the requirements of target countries. Products, WALTEK integrates multi-party channels to provide convenient and customized services for local enterprises.

WALTEK Testing to carry out Australia WATERMARK and building materials testing and certification services!

The main products and standards are listed below. More products and accessories categories are welcome.

Number Product Category Australian Standard
1 Faucet AS/NZS 3718
2 Toilet AS/NZ 1172.1/ 1172.2
3 sink AS 1730
4 Shower AS 3662
5 Toilet AS 1172.1/ AS 1976
6 hose AS/NZS 3499
7 Aluminum-plastic composite pipe AS 4176.2/ 3/ 8
8 PEX compression tube AS/ NZS 2537.2/ 3
9 PB tube AS/ NZS 2642.2
10 Bathroom,hardware non-toxic detection AS/NZS 4020
11 Solar energy and electric water heater AS 3498
12 Jacuzzi WMTS 525
13 Drinking fountain, water purifier AS/NZS 3497
14 Temperature control faucet AS 4032.4
15 Shower room WMTS 050
16 Water, floor drain WMTS 040、AS 2887、AS 1589

In addition, WALTEK Testing Group cooperates with DNV GL Australia to provide one-stop product certification services in line with Australian Building Materials Standards and Australian Building Codes, including: Steel Structure-AS/NZS4600, Glass-AS/NZS 2208, Door and Window-AS 2047, Curtain wall - AS / NZS 4284, building components fire endurance - AS 1530.4, large-scale fire-proof - AS 5113, furniture, wood panels and other building materials testing and certification. Our customers include Germany 1st solar, Japan RINNAI, South Korea Samsung Group, China Ceramics, Northern Porcelain, China Yuanda, Italy MAPEI tiles and so on.